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How to walk and balance better

Depending on how far a cat falls, it will usually land on its feet. This is due to cats having an inbuilt balancing system called the ‘righting reflex’ that allows them to orientate themselves in space. Humans have proprioceptors which […]

How to do a cord cutting ceremony

Energy cords are created between people, places, and animals, with thoughts and emotions. Most of the time these cords are in our best interest. You want to have good energetic connections with the people, places and animals that you love. […]

How to breathe with greater ease

In TCM, the Metal/Air element relates to the lung and large intestine organs. The lungs are yin organs. They are about receiving air energy. When you have a shock or trauma, sometimes you hold your breath. This starves your body […]

How chemistry affects your emotions

Have you ever noticed how two people in the same situation may react differently? One might become sad, while the other gets angry? This is because we all have different ratios of hormones, endorphins and neurotransmitters creating different chemical reactions. […]

3 ways to calm triple warmer energy

The triple warmer in TCM governs the balance of fluids in the body that go to our survivor habits of fight, flight, freeze. In western medicine, this is becoming known as the interstitium – or the space between the cells. […]

How to build a Chi ball

Everyone has ‘healing’ hands! The acupoint in the middle of your palms is PC-8 (Pericardium 8). You can find this point by bending your ring finger to touch your palm. This is a fire point on a fire meridian. You […]

How to ride the emotional wave

Small children shriek with glee, scream with anger, wail with sadness. They move from the extremes of emotion back to a place a of neutral fairly rapidly. Who’s ever watched a child go from tears to smiles in a matter […]

How to nourish your spleen

In TCM, your Spleen is part of your digestive system – not only for digesting food, but also for information and stimulus. All the information you are exposed to has to be processed. When you eat in front of the […]

5 Steps to better body balance

Walking is control over falling. As toddlers learn to walk, they gain better control over falling down. They learn to co-ordinate different muscle groups, firing up neural pathways in the brain for muscle memory. When they learn to pick up […]

5 Steps to moving through fear

In TCM, fear is an emotion of the water element. The organs of the water element are adrenals, kidneys and bladder. Fear causes your energy to sink/descend, triggering a primal need for safety. This is the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ mechanism […]

5 Reasons to improve flexibility

In TCM, the Wood element governs the liver and gallbladder organs, as well as the tendons and ligaments around the joints. The main emotion of the Wood element is anger. Note how ridged your body and mind become when you’re […]

How to build self confidence

Confidence comes from knowledge and practice. Tying your shoe laces, making your bed, embroidery, tennis? As Gary Player, the golfer says: ‘the more I practice, the luckier I get’! There will always be people who can do some things faster […]

5 ways to create good beliefs

Beliefs are your brains way of making sense of your world. They are formed by thoughts you habitually think and can come about from your own experiences or conditioning from others experiences. But are they actually always good for you? […]

How to tune into abundance

Money is our medium of exchange, but what are you exchanging it for and why? Do you have fun with your money or does it cause stress and tension? Money is a form of energy exchange – just like a […]

9 ways to nurture creativity

Creativity is something you can cultivate even if you don’t have talent. As Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun”. What do you do on a regular basis to create magic? Have you ever brushed your teeth or cut […]

How to align with your soul purpose

How do you know what your Soul wants you to achieve this life time? Are you living what lights you up? Are you just going through the motions of getting by? I believe that we are here to be in […]

How to detox your liver

Did you know that your liver plays an important role in regulating your hormones? For women, this is extremely important! Your liver might be under strain if you have bloating, belching, alcohol and coffee intolerance, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, body […]

6 ways to calm overwhelm

In our very busy modern lives, anxiety and depression are threats to living in balance and harmony with ourselves and others. There is the constant possibility of what can go wrong running on autopilot in the background or subconscious mind. […]

5 ways to a happy heart

In TCM the heart is the space that houses your Spirit so it is considered the king of the organs. This means that all the other organs will sacrifice themselves for the health of your heart. The small intestine is […]

How to fill your kindness bucket

Kindness, or Chesed – the fourth Sephirah on the Tree of Life, is on the Pillar of Mercy. It is associated with the planet Jupiter giving us expansion, growth, charity and stability. Four represents building blocks, creating solid foundations, being […]

How to raise your vibe

Do you feel other people’s emotions on a regular basis? Do you know where your energetic boundary is, or does it seem to blend into whoever’s energy you are with? Do you know the difference? You must’ve walked into a […]

How to have a healthier winter

Winter is the season for the Water element in TCM. If you have any kidney or bladder issues, this is a time to really tune into the flow of energy in your body. Water in nature can wear down rocks, […]

Meditation for the 5 yin organs

Do you talk lovingly to your body on a regular basis? Most of the time I find I don’t pay attention to my body unless it has an ache or a pain or I’m feeling a bit ‘off’, tired, thirsty, […]

Do you trust yourself to heal?

My daughter once asked me if I trusted myself to heal. My Mom’s side of the family have had thyroid issues for generations. Now I have a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism. I have to take medication chronically – so against my […]

4 elements in your astro chart

In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, 3 in each of the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water. The signs are based on the earth’s orbit around the sun which is why people are mostly aware of […]

How flavour affects your health

Have you ever had a really yummy meal and you feel full, but you still go looking for dessert? No, you’re not greedy… You might be experiencing the Goldilocks effect and needing to balance salty with sweet, warm with cool, […]

How to balance the 5 elements

Why would you benefit from working with the elements? Our ancestors lived mostly in alignment with the natural world. They got up when the sun rose, went to bed when the sun set. They ate according to what grew in […]

How to use your body as a pendulum

Balance is usually an issue of awareness. How often are you running around sorting everything out for everybody else and neglecting the signals your body is sending you? When you don’t hit the pause button often enough to simply tune […]

How to calm your nervous system

When you’re triggered by events outside of your perception of control, how do you feel? Do you feel angry, bitter, frustrated, small, depressed? Do you feel safe, supported, loved, understood? What do you want to do when triggers arise? Do […]

How to cultivate a sense of freedom

In TCM, the Metal/Air element relates to the season of Autumn. It is a time when the trees effortlessly loose their leaves. Trees let go leaves to become compost so that something else can grow. This allows the trees to […]

How to stand in postural alignment

People talk a lot these days about work/life balance and how to find it. But what about natural balance on your own two feet? How well do you stand and walk? Is walking a form of suspended falling? In our […]

5 mudras for creating wellbeing

Our universe is made up of five basic elements – space, air, fire, earth, and water. The ancient sages intuited that our hands hold the energetic points for these five elements. Mudras (hand gestures) are a way of manipulating these […]

4 tips for better breathing

Our connection to being in a body – or not, is our breath. It is something we usually don’t have to think much about or even control. The breath happens naturally for us – unless we are doing something to […]

Meditation for aligning your energy

Through my studies of body energy systems, I have found the simplest understanding from Qi Gong in the three dantians – the upper dantian in the head, the middle dantian in the chest, and the lower dantian in the lower […]